Letter of Interest vs Cover letter Templates

Are you looking for the templates of the letter of interest and the cover letter then you should be going ahead with this of ur article as we are going to provide you both of these templates here. A letter of interest is actually a letter which is used in the different context than the cover letter they both serve the two different purposes.

Letter of interest is the one which is used by a candidate to make an application for the job profile that the candidate might be interested in. It is different from the cover letter since the cover letter is not used to show the interested, but is actually works as an application letter for job and it is sent along with the resume for job. 

The other aspect of differentiation of letter of interest from the cover letter is the status of job profile. In the letter of interest their generally is no vacancy in the employment company to whom the letter of interest is addressed, and here candidate merely shows an interest that the candidate is interested in working with the company at a particular job profile of the company.

On the other hand the cover letter is used along with the job resume letter as an additional source of information about the candidate. The cover letter is considered to be the more personal letter from the job applicant as it contains more information about the candidate beyond merely the qualification information.

The cover letter is generally required by the hiring company to obtain more than the standard information about the job applicant so that the applicant can be considered for the job profile in a more analytical manner.

Here we are providing you the template of both of these letters of interest and the cover letter. You can use the letter of interest template to show your interest for the particular job profile of the company, and you can expect a reply of your interest from the company. It may work as a source of future prospective for your dream job. 

On the other hand the template of the cover letter you can use along with resume at the time of application, so that you can present some additional information to the company to prove yourself as a worthy candidate in the view of hiring company.

We have designed the template in the professional manner so that you can use them at the formal platforms. The template is fully editable hence you can easily make the required changes as per the accordance to your requirements.

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