The rooftop tent (DACHZELT) is made as soon as the best material on the market; it is the leading company in the industry. Autohome is the benchmark for people who are looking for a roof tent for their car; they are durable, reliable, and comfortable.

They have a endorsed and professional staff that has advanced techniques that portray the records of this Italian brand. For 60 years, they have accompanied travelers and adventurers who want to consider and discover the world.

Its strive for is that all travelers can snooze richly during their trip. They have several series therefore that you can choose the one that you subsequently the most and that suits your needs.

Autohome has had its patent since 1958, back that time, they managed to upgrade the industry and became the number 1 company. They have appeared at international fairs and activities and have been clever to accomplish markets such as Australia, the united States, Japan, and South Africa.

In each model, they stir up their professionalism and liveliness; they are now the world’s most well-known brand of rooftop tent (dachzelt). You can choose in the midst of the in the manner of designs: Maggiolina, Columbus, air Camping, Overcamp, Airtop, Overland, and Overzone.

Columbus Roof Tent

The Columbus rooftop tent (dachzelt) offers you a unique and innovative design; it comes in 14 models. They are folding hardtop tents that are made of fiberglass.

They try to agree to care of manual techniques to guarantee that it is a fine mood artisan product. They come in different sizes, internal spaces, and volumes. Some models have new rails in the housing consequently you can carry surfboards, kayaks, or some garnishing for your trip.

They have a design that allows a single-sided opening, which forms a triangular structure. This offers you faster assembly time. They have a special change that allows you to enjoy more airing and natural light.

The Columbus rooftop tent (dachzelt) can be purchased in 3 sizes. The small one is for two adults; the median is for two adults and a child. And the huge one is for two adults and two children.

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